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Trade smarter with CropConex. Our integrated platform simplifies inventory, contracts, and orders, ensuring seamless operations from start to finish.

Solutions For Coffee & Cocoa Traders




The Complete Toolkit To Trade With Confidence

CropConex’s suite of tools transforms traditional, offline operations to a digital process, covering every step from the first sale to final delivery.

Unlock Your Growth Potential

Enter a new era of trade where every move is smart, smooth, and straightforward with CropConex.


Cut Through Complexity

Navigate contracts and orders effortlessly. CropConex offers simple workflows and templates, reducing risk and errors, freeing up time for what’s important.


See Everything, Miss Nothing

Eliminate data fragmentation. CropConex consolidates information across your business to a unified view to enable quick, informed decisions.


Work Better Together

CropConex is your hub for seamless collaboration, connecting your network to share crucial information in real time and keeping your trade operations running smoothly.

Supercharge Your Business

Make The Digital Leap With CropConex Today

Powering organizations across the supply chain

From buyers to sellers and everyone in between, CropConex fosters better collaboration so your business can streamline and thrive.

Commodity Suppliers

List products in the marketplace to sell to international importers, enter contracts, and update buyers.

Includes: Producers & Exporters

Commodity Buyers

Create and manage existing contracts online or discover new products in the marketplace.

Includes: Importers & Roasters

Warehouses & Labs

Segment warehouse space, track stock in and out, fulfill orders, trace lots, and assess quality.

Includes: Washing Stations, Warehouses & Grading Labs

Logistics Providers

List services in the directory, access new clients, manage orders, and process invoices.

Includes: Export Mills, Importers & Freight Providers

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