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supply chains are fragmented

and filled with risks.

Before CropConex, Buyers search for coffee from a variety of siloed places, such as PDF offer lists distributed via email or browsing static individual seller websites that provide incomplete or out-of-date information. Similarly, coffee Sellers lack tools to access new markets and coordinate logistics once a sale is made. Communication between Buyers and Sellers were conducted through text messages, WhatsApp, emails, and phone calls – making it difficult to track negotiations and find relevant information. This manual and disorganized process leads to increased costs and risks in sourcing coffee.

Coffee contracts and important trade data is still exchanged though paper documents and antiquated tools that don’t work synchronously, often leading to critical errors, mistakes, and delays. As a result, less than 1% of those who could participate in international trade capitalize on the opportunity because of the complexities, costs, and risks involved.

We believe

there’s a better way.

CropConex is bringing the coffee trade online, optimizing efficiency and profitability through a connected digital ecosystem. We work with suppliers and buyers worldwide making it simple, affordable, and secure to participate in international trade.

With CropConex, Buyers can source quality products, create sales contracts, book logistics, and manage payments – all from one place. We integrate the data and workflows of agricultural trade in an online workspace accessible across the entire supply chain. We track every step in the sales and logistics process, from order to delivery, and map the progress in an easy-to-understand workflow. By centralizing data, simplifying complex workflows, and automating processes, we’re removing friction points along the supply chain for smoother cross-border trade.

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