Sample Management & Quality Analysis

Simplify Sample Management

Keep a detailed track of samples—managing their quality, orders, costs, and performance over time has never been easier.

Organize Sample Management

Organize all your samples in one place, linked to your inventory, orders, and contacts. Add samples for internal evaluations or send a sample to a trade partner and share quality analysis feedback.

Track Sample Orders

Order samples from your suppliers or send samples to your clients. Update sample orders with carrier tracking IDs and update shipping statuses to keep everyone informed. Generate QR codes for quick reference to all your product details for each sample.

Add & Share Quality Analysis

Add or upload physical and sensory quality analysis data effortlessly, facilitating clear communication across your team and supply chain partners.

Ready to Transform Your Supply Chain?

Make the leap to digital with CropConex. We’re here to streamline your trading processes, bringing clarity and cohesion to traditionally fragmented supply chains. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and embrace a future of transparent, seamless operations. Get in touch to see how CropConex can elevate your business.

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