Manage Sourcing, Logistics & Quality From One Workspace

Connect every stage of the coffee lifecycle

From harvest to production, CropConex brings the supply chain together on to one platform.


Traceability Starts At The Source

Register coffee harvests from growers and field workers. Record the source, weight, price, variety, certifications, and more.


Manage Lots Across Processing Sites

Group harvests into lots, track processing across drying beds, and record weight loss over time. 


Grade Coffee Quality Parameters

Assess the physical and sensory quality of your coffee according to industry standards and track quality changes across the supply chain.


Monitor Inventory Stock Levels

Easy access to green coffee stock levels helps forecast production planning. Gain full visibility of stock in and out across warehouses. Link lots to harvests, samples, and sales records. 

Buy & Sell

Trade Coffees From The Marketplace

Explore hundreds of coffees listed in the CropConex Marketplace with up-to-date offerings. Order samples, start negotiations, and contract coffees directly online.  


Book Logistics Service Providers

Request logistics support to compare costs across sea and air freight providers. Get all-in cost estimates for warehousing and final delivery from verified third-party logistics providers.


Track Every Step Of Order Fulfillment

Follow along with automated updates on your order fulfillment. Streamline processes, access important trade documents, and monitor status changes for delivery.

Rate & Review

Roast, Enjoy, & Review Coffees

From sourcing to production in less than a month, CropConex helps you expedite product to market. Rate your experience and review the coffee quality to share your feedback directly with the supplier.

Getting Started On CropConex

1. Browse Listings

Explore over 150 Ethiopian coffees in the CropConex Marketplace.

2. Sign Up

Sign up for an account on CropConex with your company address.

3. Order Samples

Order green or roasted samples from your favorite listings.

4. Contract Coffee

Contact the supplier to discuss prices and volumes for your coffee contract.

Still Have Questions?

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