Budgets, Forecasts & Sourcing Plans

Plan Sourcing Strategies

Craft and execute your sourcing strategy with CropConex, aligning it closely with your business’s financial goals and inventory needs.

Create A Sourcing Plan

Align your sourcing with business goals, detailing price, volume, and quality expectations. CropConex helps you tailor sourcing plans for maximum impact.

Share & Collaborate With Suppliers

Work with your supply chain to refine your sourcing plan, ensuring the perfect match for your needs through collaborative tools.

Add Potential Lots & Track Progress

Add and track potential lots from sampling to contracting, with budget and volume tracking integrated for informed decision-making.

Ready to Transform Your Supply Chain?

Make the leap to digital with CropConex. We’re here to streamline your trading processes, bringing clarity and cohesion to traditionally fragmented supply chains. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and embrace a future of transparent, seamless operations. Get in touch to see how CropConex can elevate your business.

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