Connect to New Opportunities & Maximize Efficiency

Billions in revenue are lost annually to inefficiencies caused by fragmented markets, lack of transparency, and disjointed workflows. CropConex is bringing the trading infrastructure online so businesses can recapture that revenue and thrive.

Digital Tools To Integrate & Optimize A Fully Visible Supply Chain

Modern Tools

Utilize a suite of digital tools — for inventory, logistics, storage, payments, and more — to streamline operations and maximize value throughout the supply chain.

Central Source Of Truth

No more outdated spreadsheets or siloed communications. CropConex provides a reliable source of truth across every facet of trade, inventory, and logistics operations.

Dynamic Solutions

We scale with you as you grow your business. Add new service offerings and continue to expand your options on the platform with total flexibility.

Step into the future of coffee trading

For Green Coffee Buyers

Discover reliable suppliers, vetted for quality and regulatory compliance.

Collect data across your supply chain for actionable insights on an auditable history of your coffee.

Source from local importers or directly from origin, depending on your volume and fulfillment needs.

Connect with a network of verified logistics providers with air and sea shipment options for large and small volumes.

For Producers & Suppliers

Promote your coffees in the CropConex Marketplace and reach new buyers in local and international markets.

Stand out from the crowd by sharing your story and highlight the unique initiatives and activities of your business.

Centralize your offer lists, buyer inquiries, sample orders, and warehouse fulfillment all on one platform. 

Take your coffee stock out of spreadsheets and get real-time visibility into your coffee inventory across your warehouses.

Stop working in silos. Join the Ecosystem & Grow With Us.

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