Inventory Management

Transform Inventory Management

Upgrade from traditional spreadsheets and empower your organization on CropConex with a central source of truth for your inventory. 

Connect Your Inventory

Input detailed inventory information into CropConex, including lot specifics like volume, origin, and certifications. Connect this data seamlessly with your online shop, samples, and contracts, creating a streamlined, integrated system.

Manage Warehouses

Manage your warehouse effortlessly with updates on locations and stock levels, ensuring accurate data is always available to stakeholders with the latest information.

Coordinate Stock Transfers

Automate stock level alerts and manage transfers with ease. When stock is low, initiate stock transfers between warehouses, track transportation deliveries, and approve stock in and out for 360° visibility across your supply chain.

Ready to Transform Your Supply Chain?

Make the leap to digital with CropConex. We’re here to streamline your trading processes, bringing clarity and cohesion to traditionally fragmented supply chains. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and embrace a future of transparent, seamless operations. Get in touch to see how CropConex can elevate your business.

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