The Journey To CropConex

In 2017, CropConex Founder and CEO Brianna Dickey had a dream of working with agricultural communities worldwide.

Taking her love of coffee and a dream of working with agricultural communities around the world, she became inspired by the possibility of using business as a force for sustainable development. She set off to work with some of the biggest names in the international development sector, with her journey taking her across Columbia, Panama, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Tanzania.

While having the privilege of working alongside coffee farmers and foreign governments, she uncovered the inefficiencies bound within the pre-existing agricultural systems. She came face to face with the lack of collaboration, antiquated trading methodologies, and logistical inefficiencies, ultimately coming to the conclusion that the current system was broken. Finding herself frustrated with the existing platforms, Brianna set out to find an efficacious remedy by creating software that would streamline workflows, increase communication, and simplify global trade processes. While having acquired the tools and logic from leading operations at a Silicon Valley tech startup, she was inspired to create a space where collaboration could lead to profitable agribusinesses; thus, CropConex was born.

Today, as she finds herself in the position of Founder and CEO of CropConex, she is bringing her vision to life by building the first fully-integrated supply chain management platform for specialty crops. In her efforts to help make agricultural trade equitable, supply chains efficient, and food systems traceable, she is creating space for collaborative commerce to become the future of inclusive economies.

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