Digital Tools for All: The Complete Green Coffee Trading Platform


In the fast-evolving world of green coffee trade, embracing digitalization is crucial for achieving efficiency and fostering growth. CropConex is proud to introduce a suite of innovative tools specifically designed for the coffee business, providing an unrivaled blend of data visibility and operational streamlining.

Let’s explore the many ways CropConex can optimize your business, whether you’re seeking to nurture customer relationships or to enhance the efficiency of your back-end operations.

Sales, Contracting & Payment Tools

CropConex’s suite of sales tools empowers green coffee traders with a comprehensive array of features to elevate their sales processes. Importers can sync their existing websites with CropConex or create their own private marketplaces for sharing with roasters. The platform facilitates the entire sales cycle, supporting a more streamlined back-end sales system. All essential client communications can be effortlessly managed within the platform, with the added convenience of customizable contracts and payment options.

Furthermore, the platform facilitates the creation of private collections tailored to individual roaster relationships, enabling exclusive access and fostering collaboration.

Last but not least, importers can leverage the Global Marketplace feature to explore and discover new coffee offerings from producers and exporters worldwide, diversifying their product range and offerings.

Orders, Logistics & Inventory Management Tools

Stay ahead of the curve through advanced budgeting and forecasting features to develop a comprehensive sourcing strategy on CropConex. Sync your new and existing green coffee inventory into our system to effortlessly monitor all aspects of your inventory data as it links across samples, contracts, orders, and other internal workflows.

Use CropConex to manage shipping logistics, lot consolidations, and more. Track all of your lots as they move across the supply chain and communicate changes efficiently, keeping traceability at the forefront of your operations internally and with your clients.

Share A Central Source Of Truth

CropConex serves as a central repository for all coffee-related data, offering users with a unified view that eliminates the need for fragmented communication methods across emails, spreadsheets, and PDFs. Share documents seamlessly, streamline communications, and monitor the performance of your coffee over time.

In addition, our platform facilitates the sharing of sample feedback. Users can upload or input quality analyses directly into CropConex, enabling them to effortlessly share results with both upstream and downstream stakeholders. CropConex’s Quality Control Tools offer a comprehensive solution for maintaining high visibility on green coffee performance over time and at every stage of the supply chain.


In the ever-changing coffee market, your data is valuable information that can inform important sourcing and sales decisions. CropConex simplifies the process of deciphering key trends in your performance, empowering you to make informed and strategic decisions for long-term success.

By harnessing the power of CropConex’s new suite of digital tools, green coffee professionals are empowered to streamline their operations, improve their sales flows, bolster supply chain transparency, and make informed, data-driven decisions in a competitive marketplace.

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