Ethiopian Trade Reform Opens Export Market To Foreign Traders

In breaking news, Ethiopia has revised regulations to allow foreign companies to buy coffee directly from farmers and processors, the latest in reforms in attempt to liberalize the economy. The recent revision of rules now permits foreign traders to engage directly with Ethiopian coffee growers and processors.

This move not only streamlines the coffee supply chain but also signifies Ethiopia’s commitment to trade liberalization and attracting foreign investment. By enabling direct transactions, the country aims to enhance transparency, efficiency, and competitiveness in its agricultural trade sector.

With coffee production remaining a cornerstone of its economy, Ethiopia’s decision to open up its coffee market presents new opportunities for both foreign investors and local producers.

Foreign traders that purchased at least $10 million’s worth of coffee annually for the past three years will qualify for the permits, according to the new directive.

The country produced 833,000 tons of coffee last season, according to the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, making it the continent’s leading grower. In the past season, Ethiopia’s coffee exports valued at $1.3 billion. The sales account for as much as 40% of the country’s export revenue.

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