Introducing CropConex

Despite a growing precedence for product traceability, visibility into our coffee supply chains prove to be challenging due to the fragmented nature of agricultural trade. Once grown, beans make several stops, including at coops, exporters, shippers, importers, roasters, distributors, and retailers before finally reaching the consumer. Each participant in this complex system tracks only their small segment of the journey, and each uses its own system to log data. Most of this trade data is still exchanged though paper documents and antiquated tools that don’t work synchronously, leaving information about the product is trapped in data silos. By the time supply chain congestion and bottlenecks are identified, it’s often too late.

CropConex is an integrated marketplace and supply chain management platform designed to help increase traceability, efficiency and collaboration across the coffee supply chain. We integrate the data and workflows of international trade in an online workspace accessible across the entire supply chain. We track every step in the sales and logistics process, from order to delivery, and map the progress in an easy-to-understand user interface. When the crop changes hands, we package the data and prepare the paperwork to streamline the handoff. In doing so, the CropConex platform empowers coffee supply chains with real-time visibility, automation, and collaboration.

With the launch of CropConex, we’re helping build a world where prosperity flows freely across our global supply chains. By centralizing data, simplifying complex workflows, and optimizing transactions using technology, our intention is to remove all the friction points along the supply chain for smoother cross-border trade.

We’re on a mission to break down the barriers to international trade so everyone, everywhere can participate in globalized economies. By creating a space in which all sectors of the supply chain can collaborate, everyone can play an active role in a more sustainable world.