Behind The Scenes: Sample Management At CropConex

CropConex manages samples on behalf of our sellers from Ethiopia to distribute to buyers in the United States. We help streamline the sample delivery process for easy and fast access to coffees from the marketplace.

Ordering Samples On CropConex

  • Green coffee buyers can start by browsing the marketplace for available coffees at origin
  • Filter coffees by the processing type, price, region, and more!
  • View the details of the coffee listing including the volume available and more information about the seller
  • Click “Try Sample” to sign up for an account and add the sample to your cart

Sample Fulfillment & Delivery To Buyers

  • At CropConex, we keep small volumes (less than 1 kg) of samples in our office in New York and help package and ship the samples to buyers in the US
  • We weight and prepare 100 g Green samples or 50 g Roasted samples, per the buyer’s request
  • We create the sample label, generated by the CropConex platform, and ship out to the address on file

Sample Analysis & Feedback To Exporters

  • When buyer’s receive their sample, they can confirm them in their CropConex account
  • Add full analysis, upload file, or quickly add your cup score and flavors.
  • Sample feedback is shared anonymously back with sellers, an important piece of creating value for the supply chain
  • Buyers can also share their cupping results with colleagues using a public share link

CropConex Inventory & Sample Management Features

CropConex inventory and sample management features are available to use for free! Anyone can create an account, manage detailed information about their green coffee inventory and keep track of their sample performance over time. Sign up for an account today to explore what you can do on CropConex!

Schedule a call with a member of our team to see what CropConex can do for your business.